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25 Ways You Know You Are A Military Child...

1. A grocery store will forever be a commissary. 2. When people ask you where you are from, you don't even try to explain. 3. Everyone matches at school because everyone's clothes were purchased at PX or NEX. 4. The mascot of all 10 schools you attend was "The Eagles", "The Screaming Eagles", or some other variation. 5. After the National Anthem, the first songs you learned were cadence calls. 6. Being 10 minutes early for an appointment means your late. 7. You judge people who do not know the phonetic alphabet. 8. You had your Sponsor’s Social memorized before your own. 9. Anyone older than you is "ma'am" or "sir" 10. Your younger brother was once told that he was the “man of the house” whenever your dad was deployed. It’s a title he still takes all too seriously. 11. When you lived overseas all your non-military friends wanted to send packages to your APO/FPO address. 12. There’s a picture of you as a baby attempting to walk in combat boots. 13. You've had a regulation haircut and/or GI glasses (a.k.a. birth control glasses). 14. You've flown around the world in a jump seat wearing your winter jacket and leaning on a tank. 15. Terms like OPSEC, CAG, R&R, O-dark thirty, and 1600 hours makes sense to you. 16. You don’t remember a holiday meal that didn’t involve at least three single soldiers being invited over to your house. 17. Letters from Home by John Michael Montgomery makes you cry. As does American Soldier by Toby Keith. 18. You know where the MRE's are stored in the house...just in case. 19. You immediately dropped whatever you were doing at 1700 each day for retreat to be played. 20. You freaked out when you turned 20 because there was only one more year of having a military ID. 21. Your family owns at least one pair of baby fatigues. 22. Wait. Every theatre doesn’t play The National Anthem before the movie starts? 23. You’re accustomed to seeing every house in a neighborhood donning a yellow ribbon. 24. Every man and woman in uniform has had your respect since birth. 25. You are resilient, adaptable, brave, and loyal....after all, you are a military brat.

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