"I Am a Military Child" Story Contest

March 26, 2017

PRIZE: $100 Amazon Gift Card

Submissions Post Marked by April 30th, 2017


Download submission form & guidelines here.


“I Am a Military Child…”

Military kids are a vital part of their parent’s service, and at the end of the day They Serve 2.


Every military child has a story, and this is your opportunity to share.  It can be a story about a moment in time or about your life, it can be a letter, artwork, or a photograph. We all express ourselves differently, and we want to use a collection of stories and artwork from our military kids to paint a picture of what it is like to be a military child.


There are two ways to submit:

  1. Email Brittany Dunn at Brittany@TheyServe2.org

  2. Mail your submission to:

They Serve 2

ATTN: Brittany Dunn

416 Talbot Hall Road

Norfolk, VA 23505


Questions? Visit our website at www.TheyServe2.org  or Email Brittany@TheyServer2.org


Need a prompt? Here are few ideas.

  1. Tell us about the day your mom or dad left or came home from deployment.

  2. Tell us about your favorite place you have lived.

  3. Tell us about your first day at a new school. How did you feel?

  4. How do you think being a military kid has impacted your life?

  5. What is the best/hardest part about being a military kid?

  6. How has being a military kid changed the way you view the world?

  7. Who is the most impactful person you have met as a military kid?

  8. What is it like to move every few years?

  9. What does sacrifice, honor, or service mean to you?

  10. Paint/Draw a picture of your family’s service.

  11. Photograph what captures your life as a military child



  1. Please fill out the information & send this signed sheet with your submission.

  2. Responses can be up to 1 page typed, hand written, etc.

  3. Military kids of any age are welcome to submit.

  4. Not all submissions will be in the book, but we are excited to use the stories in other ways to highlight the ways our military kids serve too.

  5. We will award the best submission (based on Facebook votes) with a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

    • Follow us on FACEBOOK and SHARE with your family & friends to increase your chance of WINNING!




Submitter’s Name: _________________________________________  Submitter’s Age: __________________________


Parent’s Military Branch: ______________________________________


Email: ________________________________________    Phone Number: _____________________________________


Submitter or Parent/Guardian’s Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ________________


They Serve 2, a 501(c)3, reserve the right to publish any submissions as a book, on their social media outlets, and/or website. No proceeds will be distributed to those whose submissions are featured in the “I Am a Military Child” book.

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