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They Serve 2 Storms the Hill with MOAA, Fellow MilSpouses

On Wednesday, April 9 MOAA members from across the country will meet with their legislators to discuss two major concerns: proposals to cap military pay, cut commissaries and housing benefits, and increase TRICARE fees by $1,000 a year or more for military families. Contact your legislators and ask them to prevent these proposals from becoming a reality. Follow on Twitter and Facebook via #Storming2014.

Our founder, Stacey Gentry Lindsey, is Storming the Hill today as part of the #Storming2014 MOAA Event. Thank you to everyone that is participating in #Storming2014 to ensure that the rights of our military families and veterans are protected!

Our message to congress: #KeepYourPromise to our #military, #veterans and families. #Storming2014

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