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Kids2Kids Holiday Letters

We are proud to say that our first annual Kids2Kids letter writing campaign was a huge success. Our families were so thankful to have these letters sent to them!

Letters were written from kids from non-military families to other kids who had a parent deployed overseas.

Military bases around the world participated; here is the list of the recipients:

USS Truman Strike Group, Virginia Beach, VA

Clarence Galm Elementary, San Antonio, TX

Airman & Family Readiness, Ellington Field, Houston, TX

USS Rentz, San Diego, CA

Naval Base Point Loma, San Diego, CA

Naval Special Warfare Command, San Diego, CA

Navy Region Southwest, Jacksonville, FL

Weaver Family, IL

Stockhausen Family, IL

Pendleton Family, GA

Whitaker Family, VA

Outlaw Family, VA

Goodman Family, VA

Reich Family, TX

Stowe Family, KS

Sutton Family, RI

Lanning Family, NM

Steffens Family, AL

Cooper Family, CA

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