Resilient. Brave. Strong. Compassionate. Committed. Service. Thank you for support the families of our military service members because TheyServe2.

They Serve 2 is proud to be Joyce Meyer's Hand of Hope partner.

They Serve 2 is committed to enhancing the lives of military families worldwide. They are a non-profit organization that advocates change to improve the quality of life for military families through aid in children’s educational challenges, supporting transitions, and complement existing government/charity programs. Feel free to bring these items with you or pick them up over the weekend. There will be a donation area at the venue with a MULTIPLY HOPE sign where you may drop off these items.

Did You Know?

Only half of one percent of our nation's citizens are serving in the military. 

We are committed to educating the public on the sacrifices our families make alongside their service members.

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They Serve 2 is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. TAX ID number is 45-4586590

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